【IEEE ICIA / ICAL 2015】IEEE International Conference on Information and Automation in conjunction with IEEE International Conference on Automation and Logistics

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The IEEE ICIA/ICAL 2015 joint conference will be held from August 8 to 10, 2015 in the old town of Lijiang, located in the beautiful Yunnan province of China

The Lijiang Old Town used to be the center of silk embroidery in the southwest of China and the most important place of the Ancient Southern Silk Road, also called the Ancient Tea and Horse Road or Ancient tea route. The Ancient Southern Silk Road started from Burma, crossed

Lijiang, Shangri-La County, Tibet, journeyed through Iran, the Fertile Crescent, and finally to the Mediterranean Sea. 

The IEEE ICIA/ICAL 2015 joint conference promises to offer the

participants a great experience with excellent technical and social programs. High quality papers reporting original research results and innovations in all aspects of information, automation, logistics, and their applications are invited. Papers are solicited in all areas of information, automation and logistics. All papers must follow the IEEE Xplore® PDF format for IEEE and EI indexes.

The site is http://2015.ieee-icia.org/ .


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